Events & Meetings

Join us in-person or Zoom, this Wednesday, 9/21, for our first hybrid meeting of 2022-2023!


(Contact for questions).

Meeting ID: 465 778 4932

PW: sartoripta

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Stand by for details for our hybrid meeting

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Target Programs and Events

We are looking for volunteers to get the following programs and events underway.  We would also love to hear your ideas for other programs and events you'd like to see.  Contact us at with your ideas.

Movie Night ~ Ice Skating Night ~ Dining for Sartori (Partnerships with local restaurants)  ~ Charms/Bricks Fundraiser ~ Teacher Appreciation Week ~ Advocacy & Legislative ~ Retail Rewards (Box Tops, etc.) ~ Art Docents  ~ Procurement/Donation Requests ~ Kindergarten Celebration ~ 5th Grade Graduation ~ Fundraising ~

Fall Carnival ~ Book Fair ~ Multicultural Night ~ Grants